At JOC Consulting we are big supporters of a more creative Sydney and were honoured when our Director, John O’Callaghan, was invited to participate in the recent ‘Site Works’ Assessment Panel (as part of the City of Sydney Creative Hoardings Program) to select 10 artworks for use on construction sites across the City.

Site Works is a collection of original, contemporary Australian artworks licensed for use on construction sites across Sydney. The program aims to animate the public domain with temporary creative projects by Australian artists, to provide the opportunity for artists to have their work displayed largescale to a broad audience on Sydney streets, and to transform the visual impact of construction sites from ‘dead space’ to urban canvas.

The 10 artworks selected will feature on hoardings across the City and give exposure to established and emerging artists. These artworks were selected from more than 520 submissions received through the EOI process.


If you are a Property Developer or Construction Company and looking to install a hoarding for more than 8 weeks in a high-traffic or highly visible location in Sydney, you may be eligible to use one of these artworks on your hoardings.

More information on Site Works can be found here and here.

Congratulations to all the finalists and 10 winning entries.

TOP IMAGE:  One of the 10 artworks available for hoardings in Sydney, The Terminal Face of the Perito Moreno Glacier by Timothy Harland.
BOTTOM IMAGE:  One of the 10 artworks available for hoardings in Sydney, Birds of Australia by Egg Picnic.