Georges River Council (previously Hurstville City Council) is creating a new urban plaza in the heart of Hurstville. The new ‘Hurstville Central Plaza’ will include Diment Way and the building (to be demolished) located at 296 Forest Road.

Landscape Architects, JMD Design, are the lead consultant on the project and have been engaged by Council to prepare concept plans for the Plaza. Over the past few months, JOC Consulting has been assisting JMD Design by engaging with the public and key stakeholders, collecting feedback and seeking ideas to help inform the new Plaza designs. The engagement approach has included a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, online survey and community information stand.

The below concepts, prepared by JMD Design, accompanied the online survey and will be refined further over the coming months based on community feedback and additional research.

Hurstville Central Plaza 1Hurstville Central Plaza 2