I was recently invited to speak on a panel hosted by Meld Studios, to explore the Future of Retail. I joined Teresa Giuffrida and Remo Giuffré as fellow panelists with Sasha Abram facilitating the night’s discussion and Kimberley Crofts as sketchnoter.

The gathering, an official event of Sydney Design 2015, covered a lot of ground, from the hyper personalisation of individual customer choice and service, to the impact of retail on public space and its importance as a key activator, or agitator, in public life. While the importance of ‘retail staff’ was not discussed at length, Sasha pointed out it will continue to be a big trend, with human service, ‘touch’ and authenticity, desirable commodities in shop, or even non shop, retail.

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Images courtesy Meld Studios.

Sydney Design Meld Studios 2015