I recently facilitated two workshops for the Newtown Precinct Business Association (NPBA) asking the question – ‘How can we make the Newtown Precinct more vibrant?’

Newtown is one of Sydney’s most vibrant neighbourhoods but in recent years there has been a noticed decline in diversity and occupancy of day time businesses. The NPBA wanted to explore this change with the wider community and asked local residents, visitors and businesses to participate in the workshops.

The workshops were held on the same day and featured both a day and night time forum. While the agenda and atmosphere of each forum differed, the same questions were asked with the same enthusiastic input from participants.

It was a great day with some creative, practical and insightful ideas for making Newtown more vibrant.

Stay in touch with the outcomes of the forum via the NPBA facebook page.

Newtown Precinct Vibrant Economy ForumNewtown Vibrant Economy Forum Night Session