Richard Roxburgh summed it up best when discussing creativity in Sydney at last night’s City Talk –

we’re young, beautiful and hot – we love crackers – but what do we want to be when we grow up?

The City Talk titled ‘What creative life do you want for Sydney?’ comes a week after the City released it’s draft Cultural Policy and Creative City Discussion Paper. While Richard gave the guest introduction, the keynote speaker was Carol Colleta, CEO of ArtPlace America. Both speakers, and the panel discussion afterwards, discussed many aspects of culture, community and art. A couple of key points from the panel:

  • We need to explore opportunities to make art ‘general’, an everyday experience, participated by every citizen,
  • Art is one of the cheapest ways to challenge us with ideas, helping us to see things differently,
  • Public art, placemaking and creative city-building is a reason for people to come together in a place.

Watch the full podcast of the City Talk here. (Highly recommended!)

If on twitter search #sydcitytalk to join the conversation.

You can also listen to an interview with Carol Colleta from fbi radio here.

And have your say on Sydney’s Cultural Policy here.

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