Everyday I walk past a small space on the corner of two busy roads in the heart of Surry Hills, Sydney. In the past, the space had been void of activity or amenity and lacked any reason to stay longer than merely walking through it between destinations. However in the past month, the site has received a makeover as part of the City of Sydney’s Greening Sydney initiative, literally turning a dead space into a people place over night. While in the past, it would hardly be noticed, it’s now busy throughout the day, attracting nearby workers, local residents and visitors needing a break walking up the hill from Central Station to Surry Hills village.

It’s a great success story and highlights the easy way we can better design our neighbourhoods. Without over thinking the design process, the City of Sydney design team improved the space with pockets of grass, connecting pavement, small shrubs, and walls that seperate the vegetation from the footpath but also provide much needed seating. So simple! For more information visit the Green Sydney website here.

banda surryhills

Top image courtesy of City of Sydney. Bottom image by John O’Callaghan.