Imagine the future, where apartments sell not because they have a parking space for cars, but because they have a parking space, or spaces, for bikes. The return of the wheel has seen a rapid increase in cycling usage and a rethink on how we design for cycling in public spaces. But what about apartment living? Bike Volt might just be the answer.

The brain child of Industrial Designer, Tom Wilson, Bike Volt is leading the way in how we provide storage for cyclists and respond to issues of security in an increasingly compact city. Its practical, efficient and convenient design is perfect for parking garages, terrace verandahs and garden sheds. The Bike Volt has also found a niche in the market where other examples of bike storage systems, such as the traditional double rack or bike lockers, are neither as aesthetic nor easy to use.

An avid cyclist himself, Tom wanted to “encourage more cycling because many people, living in smaller dwellings, don’t have the space to store a bicycle” he says. It’s a great idea and one that responds to the current and future needs of a trend that doesn’t look to slow anytime soon.

If you consider that 20 bikes can fit into 1 car space, the potential is endless. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reduce parking levels in high rise development to just a few, or better yet, 1, and use the now available space for other amenities or community facilities? The challenge is set and Tom has the answer.

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Bike Volt Tom Wilson

Bike Volt Tom Wilson

Images courtesy of Tom Wilson 2012.