In 2011 over 900 parking spaces were converted to parks for just one day – PARK(ing) Day.

It was started by Rebar, a design firm in San Francisco, who wanted to experiement with their surroundings. Since this time it’s gone on to become an international hit.

As much fun as it is, it’s also a great opportunity to showcase potential and foster discussion around the alternative use of car spaces for public good. In Sydney last year, only 2 groups participated in PARK(ing) Day; Place Partners, of which I was a member, and Arup. This year we want to make it bigger! In 2009, Brisbane held the 3rd largest PARK(ing) Day event in the world. We too can give it a go!

This year PARK(ing) Day will be held on Friday, 21st September 2012 but before you rush off to plan your idea, here are some general rules to consider –

  • Make sure everyone and everything is safe – including pedestrians, users of the space and other vehicles.
  • Create something that reflects you and/or your place – is it interactive, artistic or just a park to relax?
  • Design your park ‘popup’ style – light weight, fun and easy to set up, and finally
  • Promote PARK(ing) Day by printing out the posters from Rebar’s official PARK(ing) Day website

Also something important to consider, in many cities, including Sydney, PARK(ing) Day is considered a guerilla activity. If you decide to participate, which is great, the legal onus is on you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. And also get in touch should you want to join a PARK(ing) Day team in Sydney.

Also check out Sydney’s own PARK(ing) Day website –